Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you mean by templates?

These HR documents are template/sample documents designed by our HR advisors and reviewed by lawyers. They are based on federal regulations, up-to-date with the recent changes in the labor laws and provide a good solid foundation for your practice. They provide you with the bones and you have the option to customize it for based on your specific needs. 

Q: I noticed your located in Canada-are your HR documents only available for Canada?

We have HR documents for both Canada AND the United States. These documents have been written by our Canadian & U.S HR professionals and have been reviewed by lawyers. 

On the product page, there is a drop down menu, select where your practice is located and Voilà! Those sample documents for your specific country will arrive in your mailbox! Simple. Streamlined.

Q: I am looking for all of the documents- what is the best and most cost effective way to get everything I need?

Our HR Starter Kits are a cost-effective solution that ensures your most important HR needs are covered. The HR Starter Package is a pre-defined set of HR projects that address the most common Human Resource Management requirements for your Dental Practice. There are 4 types to choose from to start your foundation or give you EVERYTHING in our HR store! PLUS, YOU SAVE UP TO 35% WITH THESE KITS VS BUYING ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS INDIVIDUALLY IN OUR STORE!

Q: Can the employee handbook be customized for my specific state or province? 

YOU BETCHA! The Custom HR Start Kit is what you need! It inclues all of the essentials of Human Resources for small business are covered in this Custom HR Starter Kit.  

What’s included:  

Employment Agreement, ALL Manuals & Guides Bundles, ALL HR Forms and your CUSTOMIZED employee handbook based on your state/province and unique practice needs. PLUS a FREE “Ask the Expert” session to jump on a call with one of our local HR advisers for an orientation session to discuss these HR documents, employment legislation and get practical advice to help with any HR issues.

Q: What is the difference between each starter kit?

Basic kit includes: sample employment agreement, employee handbook, ALL of our manuals & guides and ALL of the HR Forms.

Complete Kit includes: everything from the basic kit PLUS all of the supplemental HR policies not included in the employee handbook! You get ALL of the templated documents in our HR store!

Deluxe Kit includes: everything from the basic kit PLUS a FREE “Ask the Expert” session to jump on a call with one of our local HR advisors for an hour-long orientation on these HR documents, employment legislation or get advice on any current HR issues. 

Custom Kit includes: everything from the Deluxe kit PLUS a CUSTOMIZED employee handbook. Our HR professional will tailor those policies specifically to your state/province and practice needs!

Something for everyone :) 

Q: Do I have to buy the HR kits? What if I need only a few items? 

Already have a policy manual but missing a few key pieces? We have a policy for that! Buy them all or individually- so many options to fit your practice every need! Our policies are up-to-date and include the new changes in labor law!

Q: How do I receive the policies once I buy them? 

A: Upon receipt of payment, a link to download the products purchased will be e-mailed to you. Within a few minutes you will have all of your purchased documents in your inbox! Simple & Streamlined!

Q: Can I edit these documents?

All documents are in pdf format which can be edited with adobe acorbat or converted to word document. You can then customize it with the required information and office letterhead.

Q: Why should I get these forms from you instead of a lawyer? 

When you contact a lawyer to draft such documents, they charge per hour to develop and review these. We have had these documents reviewed and approved by a lawyer. Once your modify them for your practice, an employment lawyer will only need to review the already developed documents and only charge for reviewing not developing them. You can save hundreds with our sample documents.

Q: Will I still need to contact a lawyer?

These documents have been approved by a lawyer and clients may use the document(s) as is, or as a starting point for their own documents. Stream Dental Staffing Solutions assumes no responsibility for the enforcement or effectiveness of its templates and policies. It is your responsibility to always consult legal counsel before implementing any new policies or procedures at your organization or if any changes are made to the documentation. Remember that each province, state and country has different regulations, it is best to check with a lawyer to ensure you are compliant.

Q: Are you guys a law firm?

We are not a law firm nor do we provide any legal advice. Stream Dental is an Employment and Human Resource Agency and have highly qualified and experienced HR professionals. None of these documents contain legal advice. Using, reading or otherwise utilizing any portion or this entire document does not create an attorney-client relationship. You are using this document at your own risk. If you have any questions about your agreements(s), you should seek the guidance of a licensed attorney who can advise you. Please be advised that the law can and will change and this document does not necessarily reflect the current law or best practices of any particular industry. 

Q: Can you help me hire new employees? 

A: Certainly! We offer several recruitment packages to help take the hassle and headaches out of the recruitment process! 

We know the hiring process inside and out, and we understand dentistry from every possible angle. We will work with you & your management team and offer training, templates and forms to ensure that the hiring process is handled properly and smoothly every time! We will ensure that you effectively recruit and hire only the best candidates!