4 Ways to Motivate Your Team

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Picture this- It’s Monday morning and you walk into the office. You notice the atmosphere is different… their smiles and happy-go-lucky attitudes have vanished! All of a sudden they hit a wall. They’re not progressing like they used too or they’re just not interested anymore! What now?

Having a great team improves all aspects of the practice, most importantly patient care. Let’s discuss four effective ways to motivate your team and get them back on track!

Chalk Out A Plan Of Action

Perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your practice short and long-term goals! When you have an idea of your new and improved plan of action, involve your team! Don’t keep your team in the dark! Include them, make them understand and appreciate how their efforts and hard work can help or hurt the practice’s success! They will become more accountable, responsible and focused. Two minds are better than one- ask for their input! They will feel appreciated and be more likely to contribute ideas that can definitely strengthen your plan for growth. Remember there is no “I” in team! The more invested they are, the harder they will work for and with you!

Make The Goal Visible

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”- Tony Robbins

Great! Now you have a plan of action and everyone is on board and determined to execute it! Next step is to make it visible to your team on a regular basis! It can be as simple as a having it written out on a whiteboard posted in the lunch room or by reviewing it in your morning or weekly team meetings! Having a constant reminder of what the office is working towards will keep everyone engaged and on track!

Appreciate Hard Work

Often times, the biggest reason why people leave their jobs is because they do not feel appreciated! In many cases, appreciation is a greater reward than money! Show your sincere gratitude and look for ways to commend your team!

If you want your employees to be happy and productive, you need to give them recognition for a job well done and let them know that they are appreciated and important! It can be as simple as bringing everyone a treat to say “Thank you” for staying over lunch to help with an appointment that took longer than expected. Or giving praise to a team member that really stood out or went the extra mile!

Setting the right example

Setting a good example is not enough; you need to set the right example. The old adage of "Do as I say, not as I do" does not work well when managing your team! It is vital that you recognize the importance of being a positive role model and use your behavior and attitude to set the tone for an effective work environment.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes they way and SHOWS the way - John Maxwell.

What you do or do NOT do will begin to trickle down to the rest of the team! Remember, your team's motivation and engagement is largely dependent on the environment and atmosphere you create for them!


Help your team to learn and grow. Empower them. Don’t forget- they are your biggest asset!



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