Who is Stream Dental HR?

      Stream Dental HR offers strategic HR management services and solutions for your company with a strong focus on your business and your staff: where you are today and where you aim to be tomorrow. 
      We overview your organization, strategies and human resources objectively. Meeting with key managers, we listen to their concerns, get acquainted with the current system and procedures, develop an individual plan and determine the stages of the implementation. 


      Our Team

      • Mark Taylor

        Chad Rolles

        Director of Sales



        With over 20 years in sales and business development, including a decade with Nobel BioCare and CADCAM. Chad has been able to help hundreds of practices grow their business by streamlining their operations. Chad is looking forward to helping your practice achieve successful outcomes. 

      • Helen Smith

        Kate Serrano

        Client Success Manager


        As our Client Success Manager Kate uses her many years in office administration and accounting experience to create a positive experience for each and every client and excels in attention to detail and organization. As an entrepreneur Kate understands the importance of success when working with a consultant or other small business.

      • Patrick Pool

        Tatiana Cappis

        Marketing Director

        Culture Coach


        As a former Dental recruiter, Tatiana has helped hundreds of practices find their dream team. She brings her expertise to help you create a hiring strategy so you attract top candidates for your practice. Finding the right people who will drive your business to new heights!

      • Mark Taylor

        Olivia Robertson, CHRP, SCP

        HR Specialist

        Canada & USA


        With over 12 years of direct business background in management, coaching, analytics and consulting, Olivia is able to bring a wide variety of knowledge and experience to the table at Stream Dental HR. Additionally, she has received her Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, is an accredited member of the Canadian Psychological Association, and is currently pursuing a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.

      • Mark Taylor

        Monique Stamp

        HR Business Administrator



        Her dedication to Human Resources has led her to obtain a Human Resources Management Diploma (BA) with honours at SAIT. She is currently working on completing her Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources Management (BBAHRM). She has previous experience as a Human Resources Assistant and more than 5 years of experience as a retail supervisor. She is ready and eager to help share her knowledge with you and your team. 

      • Mark Taylor

        Isabel Phillips- Rangel

        HR Strategist



        Isabel is an International Student from Venezuela that graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration from Sam Houston State University. She started her career in Healthcare, while she worked, she quickly realized that she had a passion for Human Resources and wanted to learn all about the field. Currently, Isabel is attending Texas Woman’s University working on her MBA with an emphasis in Human Resource Management. She performs a variety of human resources administrative tasks including policy development, handbook updates, audits, and client talent management. In her free time, she can be found traveling the world and enjoying life, as she has lived in six different countries and traveled to many more.  

      • Mark Taylor

        Lindsey Chapman

        HR Specialist



        Lindsey has over a dozen years experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Staffing, and Training. She has managed virtual and traditional teams of up to 150 team members for both non-profit and for-profit businesses worldwide. She is a proud member of SHRM and is active in her local chapter in Houston Texas. Working with companies such as Amazon and Black & Decker, she is excited to help apply systems, policies and procedures to help dental business owners have a successful tribe and business!

      • Mark Taylor

        Sherrie Brookes

        Practice Operations Coach


        With over 21 years of combined clinical and administrative experience in the dental industry, Sherrie has a comprehensive perspective of the challenges that many dental offices face. Sherrie is driven, dedicated and strongly believes her invaluable insight and experience has allowed her to gain an abundance of systems, organization skills, tips and so much more. She is very detailed oriented and strongly believes that lack of communication is a huge issue faced in many workplace industries today. Along with managing a dental practice in Calgary, Sherrie has continued to coach and consult at other practices. 

      • Andrew Wilson

        Ken Goldstein , CPBA

        People Management Specialist


        Ken is a Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst (CPBA). He is a strategist, communicator, workshop facilitator and speaker. Ken emphasizes “People First” and uses Behavioral Profiling Assessments to help clients achieve this. He uses Profiling tools and his years of experience to help practice owners and their teams to understand themselves and each other and even their patients. This process helps practices create a respectful, positive workplace culture, better communication, better retention, and a pride of ownership shared by all.

      Our Founders

      • Patrick Pool

        Sam Daher



        As a consultant, an owner of 5 successful practices in Canada, and an international speaker, I learned over the years that the “hiring process” and “HR nightmares” is a ubiquitous challenge in our field on several continents. So, I decided to design a revolutionary and streamlined approach to help my peers overcome this obstacle, all the while alleviating the related stress, and the time & money associated with the process.

      • Helen Smith

        Samantha Leonard




        Samantha Leonard has been in the Dental industry for over a dozen years. She has worked every role, worn every hat and mastered all the traits that eventually lead her to become an Operational Manager with a well respected and world-renowned orthodontist, Dr. Sam Daher. Together, they started and built a multi-million-dollar practice from scratch and expanded to 6 locations across the country. Her managerial experience has helped her appreciate and identify the negative effect of a wrong hire, lack of systems and the adverse impact on team dynamic, quality of customer service, lost time and wasted money. She is passionate about helping the dental community, find & build their dream team and establish effective HR programs that will create the office culture that will take their practice to the next level!

      Our Values

      We always work hard to improve our services to achieve higher results for our clients. We love challenging tasks that require an innovative approach. Thus, if your business needs a unique solution, go-to-HR strategy or just consulting, we are ready to help.
      We know that only those committed to their work can provide the best-quality services. That’s why we care about each of our clients and always do our best.