Benefits of Joining the Calgary Dental Assistant’s Association

Calgary Dental Assistant's Association (CDAA) is an amazing resource for all Registered Dental Assistants. There are many advantages to getting your membership to this organization. From Seminars, Events, Industry links, Employment Registries and everything in between. Check out their website and newsletter for more information and lots of valuable info.

We recently had a chance to talk with the CDAA and got some great information to pass along.

What is the CDAA?

CDAA is a membership organization (a society) that is run by volunteers. Members working for members.

What are the benefits of membership with the CDAA?

Benefits include educational opportunities through Meetings, seminars and the course library through the AADA. It also includes access to discounts at a variety of outlets as well as financial and insurance opportunities. A complete listing of benefits can be found on the CDAA Website at One of the intangible benefits is the voice for Dental Assistants. The executive members are informed members that are committed to hold the College accountable and advocate for members through their relationship with the AADA.

Benefits of Joining the Calgary Dental Assistant’s AssociationHow to sign up?

New members must complete a membership information form to allow us to email newsletters and updates. Once that is completed and submitted a unique CDAA CA# is assigned by the CDAA membership coordinator and sent to the AADA to be matched with your payment form. The membership year is from Dec 30 to Nov 31. Renewal notices are sent at the same time as your license as a reminder that payments are due by the end of October for the following year. Your membership card and Mark’s work warehouse card are sent out early in December once the benefits have been negotiated for that year.

The CDAA is a great resource for all Dental Assistants, providing lots of valuable information, so make sure to check them out!


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