3 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Can Be Making in Your Business

3 Biggest Hiring Mistakes You Can Be Making in Your Business

Not having a clear understanding of what the business needs

We hire somebody to fill a void, but we don't really know what that void is, why there even is a void, or how did that void come to be?

When we don't have a clear understanding of this, we hire someone only to find out a short time later that the business needed someone or something different. Now it’s time to terminate someone or that employee leaves because they do not feel successful in their role.

If we don't have a clear understanding of what your Business/Practice needs -- what are the systems that need to be implemented into our practice to take us to the next level? No one will be successful!

We can't just expect someone to come in with the magic wand and know exactly what needs to happen for our business. It doesn't work that way...

We need to change our business strategies and our systems to be able to get there. That includes knowing why and who to hire next for our business.

“What got you here, won't get you there.”

– James Wedmore


The first step is to understand what does the business need:

  1. What does the business need in the next six to 12 months?
  2. What are some things on my project list that I need to focus on to be able to help us reach X goal?
  3. Where do I want to take my practice in the next five years from now?

When you have that information, you can reverse engineer to figure out who your business needs, so in that way, you can hire that person.

Hiring somebody that you like or somebody who is like you.

It’s a natural human tendency to get drawn to people similar to us but we need to look at what the business needs, in order for us to find that in that next person, to take us to that next level.

Solution:Understand who you are as a leader—what is your communication style, what are your strengths, and what are your weaknesses?

Identify what you bring to the table for your business and who you need to hire that will bring the other skills needed to achieve your business goals to thrive.

We believe in this SO much! All of the HR clients we work with, undergo a DISC assessment with Ken, our Certified Behavioural Analysts. By utilizing your DISC profile (behavioural assessment tool), we will be able to help you understand your leadership, communication style, and what type of employees you need to hire that will compliment both yourself and the business needs.

Not having a hiring process.

Do your new hires get thrown into the deep end on their first day? Expected to become an Olympic swimmer by day 2? Confused or frustrated on why it hasn’t happened yet?! It all boils down to having NO expectations, accountability, or support that would help set them up for success.

“When a flower doesn't bloom, you don't blame the flower. You blame the environment in which it grows.”

- Alexander Den Heijer

Solution:We can't expect our new employees to understand exactly what's expected of them or read our minds unless we communicate this to them -- setting them up for success with processes and systems in place so that they can thrive and blossom.

Having your employee handbook, job descriptions, and training resources can help them become a valuable part of your team in the shortest time possible.

That’s where we can help you develop a simplified, streamlined and successful HR program to get your practice on the right foot. Our HR solutions have been designed to help you have everything you need to hire, develop and retain your dream team to drive your business forward. (Sounds amazing right?!)

Contact us for a FREE HR Strategy Session to understand your vision, practice needs, and see how we can help support you along this journey.