5 Effective Ways to Motivate your Dental Team.

5 Effective Ways to Motivate your Dental Team.

You have your dental dream team, where everyone loves coming to work every day - but the reality is like with any job, it can be difficult to stay motivated.

Even more so now, with the daily grind and all the uncertainties of COVID-19. We are all feeling tired and exhausted from all the ups and downs.

It is not uncommon in dentistry for team members and practitioners to experience burnout. The day-after-day repetitive activities can impact morale, especially when there are tight time restrictions and goals to meet. Fortunately, it’s possible to lead a motivated group and energize your team, but it doesn’t happen overnight or by accident.

 Motivating your team requires precise actions and goals that involve everyone in the practice.

So how do we get our team motivated from the get-go and continue to feel challenged in their role?

Here are 5 effective ways to motivate your team

  1. Check in with each team member on a regular basis, ask the right questions and listen to their concerns.
  2. Have regular team meetings to get a pulse of what is going on.
  3. Provide everyone with the proper tools and resources for them to be successful at their job.
  4. Continuous communication with goal setting and performance reviews.
  5. Review your compensation/incentives to motivate and reward your team for their hard work.

It can be hard to hear the feedback from your team when they are feeling unmotivated and it’s a hard pill to swallow to realize that you, as a leader, are part of the constraint - but the good news is, you’re also a big part of the solution.

Remember to stay positive and keep an open mind. Being able to learn, adapt, and motivate is a two-way street that requires effort on everyone’s part. As a leader in the practice, you’re responsible for setting the tone for the rest of the office.

Your PEOPLE are the secret to your dental practice's SUCCESS!

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