6 Qualities to Look for in a Dental Office Manager

6 Qualities to Look for in a Dental Office Manager

It can sometimes feel like you’re waiting on a miracle when you’re getting your office A-team together! Listening to your key managers’ recommendations is one step our HR strategists take very seriously when we tailor our client’s human resources.

You’ll want meaningful leadership you can count on, so you can focus on being the best dentist you can be, where you and your office manager handle your respective areas of strength, so that your dental practice runs as smoothly as possible for your patients.

But if you and your dental practice find yourselves searching for a dental office manager, you might want to put a particular emphasis on finding and retaining them first. So we’ve put together a list of qualities for the perfect dental office manager.


Everything from patient recall, to the purchasing of supplies, and everything in between makes running a dental practice a careful balance. The successful candidate you’re looking for can find any patient information, supplies, or personnel scheduling in seconds, and they expertly utilize any available digital or analog HR tools needed.


We recommend an office manager who feels their work is never done. A person like that takes an office culture to the next level, as it takes on almost a familial atmosphere. The office can then start to feel like a home, with the office manager and yourself at the heads of the table.


You might need help running a dental practice, but without your skills as a dentist, it wouldn’t be whole. Dentists need to find an office manager they can trust since the responsibility of the practice falls on their shoulders. Dental office managers need to take care of a practice that is not their own while acting for its benefit as if their own hands built it.


Multitasking means purposefully handling all the day-to-day purchasing, scheduling, billing, payroll, and any clerical duties necessary for a successful dental practice. Your dental office manager should handle a variety of tasks at any given time, prioritizing and reprioritizing as new issues arise.

Your dental practice needs a manager who can plan not only for today but also for likely and even unlikely circumstances in the future. That long term vision will allow your office manager to look at opportunities as they come and create new opportunities at preplanned intervals.

The ability to anticipate competitive, regulatory, or technological speed bumps will keep your practice growing. It will also aid in a practice’s culture development since necessary changes need time to solidify.


An office manager should consider the finer details with precision and accuracy. Safety standards required by dental regulatory bodies come with a top priority. There is a lot at stake if a dental office manager fails to provide critical supplies, equipment, training, and procedures to the practice. 


At the end of the day, the office manager will be the glue binding your team of dentists, hygienists, administrators, assistants, and more. You’ll need someone who can motivate team members, and lead by example. You’ll need someone who can sell their ideas and cooperate with suppliers, staff, dentists, and perhaps even patients.

Hire for Qualities First & Background Second

Finding a dental office manager with a background in the industry is almost always a plus! We’ve certainly found that candidates that have spent years as a dental hygienist or dental receptionist has strengthened their skill set and set them up for success!

But if you need someone to help with the management of your dental practice’s day-to-day, anyone with the above 6 qualities will more than suffice-prior dental experience or not. Finding all of them might be difficult, but anyone looking has probably been striving to embody such traits.

With a manager providing a balance between relatability and conscientiousness, there’s no stopping your practice from being a great place to work!

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