Are you holding your business and your team back from reaching its fullest potential?

      Are you holding your business and your team back from reaching its fullest potential?

      Pretty heavy question isn’t it? But do we find ourselves pushing things off that need to be done because we're letting fear and overwhelm take control over our minds and actions?

      We hear practice owners regularly talk about how they understand the importance of having an employee handbook, training manuals, and systems (SOPs and processes). But there is a statement that always follows next:

      1. “I just don't have the time
      2. "I don't know where to begin”
      3. "I'm just going to wait until we grow, when we have more team members and then those team members can take over”
      4. “I'm going to wait until I get an office manager and I'm just going to let them do it.”

      Any of those sound familiar? Let’s get real, does that happen?

      What ends up happening is as we grow, we get busier & busier and have less time to focus on these things. But heaven forbid a disgruntled ex-employee who files an employment claim against you, now you have no paperwork, you have no audit trail to prove anything otherwise. We cannot keep pushing this off any further.

      It's time to take control of your business and your practice. How can you do that?

      Figure out Your Road-map

      The first thing that you want to do is start by determining your vision. Where do you see your practice in the next five years? Are you looking to expand to a second location? Are you looking maybe to add an associate? Or maybe you're looking to finally be able to offer all of those services, the ones that you've taken all of those continuing education courses for.

      Now that we know what we are working towards -- that is where we need to drive our business.

      It's time for a Check-Up

      Now, we need to come back into current times and let's do an audit. What gaps exist in your current operations that we need to fill for you to reach our goals?

      If your goal is to improve your conversion rate – it’s time to look at your current process to see:

      1. How can we get same day treatment?
      2. What can we improve to “seal the deal”?
      3. Can we improve how we do insurance verification so we have as much info as possible during case presentation so they can say “YES”?
      4. What is our follow up process like? When are we contacting them? How often?

      Refine Your Systems

      It’s time to call a team meeting! Discuss your goals, the areas that need improvement, and your ‘WHY”. Get involved in the “HOW”. Getting your team involved in the actual decision-making process. Once a new process, benchmarks, and accountability have been decided on – it’s time to create an SOP for it. You will now have a standard operating procedure that everyone understands, and everyone will be on the same page.

      That sense of overwhelm may be bubbling up again but there is a much easier way to create a digital SOP by using videos, photos, and workflows. We created a special FREE training on how to do just that – check it out:

      5 Simple Ways to Create Systems That Will Elevate Your Team & Business

      You will see the benefits right away with this time hacks & proven methods.

      HR is next on your list and that is something we can help with! Schedule a FREE HR Strategy Session with us today