Behind every great Practice Owner is a great Office Manager

Behind every great Practice Owner is a great Office Manager

You may have heard us say – your team is your greatest asset! And we mean it. Employees who are happy and fulfilled in their jobs are motivated to be productive, which in turn will help your practice thrive and grow!

You may have grand visions for the growth and success of your practice. After all, as a practice owner, you are the visionary. But your Office Manager? They implement your vision. 

While you might lump their role in with the receptionist and office administrator, the truth is, behind every great Practice Owner is a great Office Manager. 

We’re talking about an Office Manager who effectively leads your team and business to success by using sustainable systems for growth and retention within your practice. A well-run dental practice means there is a Dental Office Manager working hard behind the scenes.

Office Managers have the most important job in your practice because they take your vision and turn it into a reality. One important task at a time. They work directly with you to help you achieve your goals, so make sure you are treating your office Manager with respect and give them the right tools in order for them to do their best job and unlock their true potential.

True Office Managers are integral to the growth of your business.

They should be focussing on things like money management, improving efficiencies with the practice, getting the team to work smoothly, holding the vision accountable to metrics, meeting goals, completing payroll, marketing, hiring, and business development.

Be honest now, is your Office Manager spending most of their time approving vacation leave or helping fill your schedule, or dealing with staff complaints? Most Office Managers won’t tell you this, but they have so much potential to make your practice not only run smoothly, but your growth feels easy. The role of an Office Manager becomes more demanding every year and their role is critical to the success of your practice.

It’s all about having the right people on the bus, so make sure that they have the skillset and training needed for them to succeed in their specific roles. And remember, in order to create a great leader, you as a practitioner should be leading as well. Whether it is the way you speak to your team members or treat your staff and patients, showing and doing is a lot more effective than just telling the team what is expected of them. A great leader will always lead by example!

If you have a great office manager that just needs a little training and extra support, then we have just the thing for you!  We are launching an HR Management Bootcamp in a few short weeks!  To find out more click HERE.  We also encourage you to visit our FAQ page to find the answers to many common questions about our bootcamp.