Business Strategy: Developing a 30/60/90 Day Plan

Business Strategy: Developing a 30/60/90 Day Plan

What are some things we can be doing right now to best utilize our time?

Now is a great time to create your 30/60/90 day plan!

Tip #1 - Social Media Marketing

Why not start by working on your social media. Start by creating some videos, blog posts, and some content to connect and engage with your patients. 

Everyone is online and this is a great forum to continue to build and grow our relationship with them and show them we are here to help them during these uncertain times.

Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Family friendly oral hygiene tips
  2. Your favorite healthy recipes and maybe even do a video of yourself & family preparing this meal 
  3. Educational Videos discussing some services - Invisalign, TMJ, botox 
  4. List your favorite activities to keep your family entertained and active 
  5. Throwback Thursday of what you miss most about your team, patients, and being a Dentist!

Hopefully that sparked your marketing creativity. Why not take this one step further and map out for the next couple of months of social media content.  Get your team involved and have them create videos or social media images using free resources like canva. Organize all these posts using planable or later and upload your images and copy and schedule it to automatically post these for you! 

Tip #2 - Update Protocols

Protocols and PPE have changed with COVID-19 and will continue to change. If you don’t have your infection prevention protocols in place before, get those organized now!

Your patients will want to know what protocols you have in place to make sure their health is your utmost priority. The same holds true for your team. What protocols will now be enforce for your Occupational Health & Safety protocols?

If you do not have this mandated OH&S program in your practice, now is the time to develop, implement, and train your team on. 

We want EVERYONE to feel safe when you return to work. 

Tip #3- Fix Those Bottlenecks

The next step would be to go to your clinical and admin team and see what issues there were having before COVID-19 began.

  1. What issues were we constantly struggling with?
  2. What areas can we streamline and improve?
  3. What can we automate, delegate, or outsource to save us time so we can focus on the things that drive our business forward?

 For example, maybe your clincal team wanted a cheat sheet for codes and prices but there was never time to get it made up- use this time to set them up!

Go through and do a system by system standard operating procedures with step by step instructions on how to perform that particular task. This process is much easier than it sounds. Check out our two videos on 5 Simple Ways to Develop Effective Systems That Will Streamline Your Practice

Video 1: 

Video 2: 

“If you are one step ahead now, you won’t be scrambling once things get back to normal because we know things are going to be BUSY when we get back.”

Even if things start to get back to normal by June or July it doesn’t necessarily mean that COVID-19 will disappear completely. COVID-19 has changed everything and will keep changing going forward.

Use the time you have now to prepare including your HR systems & Occupational Health & Safety Manual -- We can take that off your plate

Reach out to schedule a FREE strategy session and get your COVID-19 Recovery Plan in place to build a thriving business.