Changing a culture of micromanagement to transformational leadership

Changing a culture of micromanagement to transformational leadership

Big topic, right? The reason why I wanted to bring this up is because when we're talking, we talk with many, many dental business owners and office managers on a regular basis, and one of the biggest struggles that they face, no matter if they're in a startup, or if they're an established practice, or a DSO, it's all about how to manage a team. When you're hiring, you're onboarding, you're bringing a team member on, you start to feel overwhelmed, because now you're starting to bring on a team, but you're still taking care of everything that you have to do on top of taking care of patients and building a thriving business.

It can start to feel like everything's getting harder instead of easier. You're not alone! This happens in every single industry. That is like going from a solopreneur to an entrepreneur and now having to manage and be a business owner. That is part of the cycle, but if you are starting to feel like the process is taking much longer to coach, to train, to help your team move forward, of course, it's inherently going to feel like it's a long daunting process.

Let's rip that rip cord!

I want to rip that rip cord, right? As in rip that cord when it comes to jumping off of plane with a parachute and you want to bail out, right? Like, you are ready and you're starting to feel like, is this really worth it? Maybe I should start taking care of all of those things on my own. It's much easier if I take care of everything myself. But the moment you do that, that debilitating thought is going to hold you and your team back from being successful. Because the second you start to think about that, well, let's first think about where you are. You are actually investing in growing your infrastructure. You're investing in your team. You're investing in the ecosystem, which is also known as your business and your practice, right?

The second that those thoughts start to creep into your mind, that's when you're starting to lead your team in a de-leveraged and de-motivated way. I want to make sure that you don't get there. Or if you're there right now, which some of you might be like, "Mm-hmm (affirmative)," I want to help get you out of that. There's a lot that goes into building, hiring, growing a team, and doing it right.

Clarity Meetings are Key!

But let's make it clear. In order for you to grow your team, you need to have a forward looking communication system or what I call clarity meetings. It's an opportunity to let your team know where you're going and how to have your team follow you there. There's a key difference. It's the moment that you go from having to feel like you're pulling, and pushing, and carrying your team, that they're a burden, that is the moment that we know that there is a break. There is a flaw in that system there, of growing your team.

Because one of the biggest challenges when we are speaking with team members is that they feel that they don't know where the practice is going. It's almost like they feel like they're stepping off of a cliff and expecting that cliff to extend and be there. While you as a business owner, you know the future of your business, you understand where the practice is going, but your team doesn't, right? So now there's a disconnect there. There's a break in the communication barrier. They may know what your mission and your vision is, but that's only one part of the equation. Do they know what are the steps that they need to do to be able to get there? How you measure it, how you know if they're being successful or not, who's accountable for what? All of this is what's really important to build into your clarity meetings, an opportunity to be able to connect with your team, so that they are helping you. They are co-collaborating with you to be able to build a business and can actually help you take the business there.

For example, let's break it down in this way. Let's say if I was in the NFL locker room and I was to ask one of the team members or one of the players what's the goal for the team? They would be able to, all of them probably in a similar form or fashion, are going to say something really similar, where they're going to let you know their long term goal is to go to the Superbowl, and who they're playing against this month. What are the game plans and strategies for every single team that they're playing? What's their training schedule? What are they doing today? What are they eating? They all know to a T where they're going and how they're going to get there. If I was to ask your team members what are their practice goals, would they say just to survive the day?

They really don't know, but if you actually have these clarity meetings, this opportunity to be able to show them where you're going, and have that communication where you guys are talking about how to be able to get there together. What are our action plans? What do I need to do this quarter, this month, this week, today? What's involved in my roles and responsibilities? And empowering them and having metrics to be able to measure their success and their growth so that they can manage themselves. This is the tectonic shift that is going to totally change your business going forward.

Let's Connect

I can show you guys how to do that. That's exactly what we do when we're working with our clients. If you're looking for support in that area, feel free to send us a message, connect with us for us to be able to do a strategy session and show you how we can create some serious momentum in your business and being able to help you design a team that can take your practice to the next level.