The Great Reconnect: Creating Positive, Authentic Company Cultures for Employees

The Great Reconnect: Creating Positive, Authentic Company Cultures for Employees

While many employers are fixated on “The Great Resignation” - a name created to explain all the people not going back to work as the pandemic lessened, we need to shift our focus on reconnecting individuals within an organization. It is no secret that the pandemic created a lot of tension and fear among employees. For some, it was their first time experiencing anything like this in their lifetime. It has been nearly 2 years since the start of the pandemic and many workers are reintegrating themselves into the workplace. Reconnecting with old colleagues and making new connections can be difficult but also rewarding. How do we go about creating positive cultures to help our employees feel safe again? Here are some steps you should take when reconnecting with your team members:

●       Be honest and open - Reconnecting with old colleagues is not always easy. Sometimes it’s hard to feel comfortable around people after spending so much time apart or having seen them at their worst during the pandemic. This does not mean you cannot reconnect positively. Honesty will play a large part in creating positive cultures for employees within an organization.

●       Create better company culture by providing an authentic work environment - Workplaces need to be authentic and there must be a safe space for people to express themselves. The pandemic created much tension so it is important to reconnect positively when people reintegrate themselves into the workplace. Reconnecting employees with their jobs can help build trust between employers and workers again, as well as strengthen team morale.

●       Be understanding - It is easy to feel disconnected from a company and coworkers after not seeing each other for so long. Reconnecting positively means respecting the boundaries of employees, as well as comprehending their needs during this time.

●       Keep an open mind - Reconnecting with old colleagues can be difficult but it does not mean you cannot work together again in the future. Reconnecting with old colleagues is a chance to gain new insights and perspectives on how you can better your company in the future. Being able to keep an open mind about everything will allow for more creativity.

●       Recognize worker contributions - Reconnecting positively means recognizing each individual’s contributions during this time.

●       Reconnect with employees through in-person or virtual communication methods such as Skype, phone calls, or email

●       Give positive feedback on a more regular basis to boost morale and increase employee satisfaction.

●       Meet regularly with purpose, not just to have another meeting.

Reconnecting with your team members is important because it creates a sense of ease and comfortability. Reconnecting directly can lead to positive, meaningful relationships that build trust among employees. It will take time but the benefits are definitely worth it in the end! Employees are motivated when they have a leader they trust and who they know is working to improve their company. Are you that leader?

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