Employees aren’t necessarily leaving because of money!

      Employees aren’t necessarily leaving because of money!

      Would it surprise you to know, that the main reason people are leaving their jobs isn’t always about money???

      Don’t get me wrong, money is important, but it doesn't buy employee loyalty or satisfaction. In a recent Gallup study, only 22 percent of respondents mentioned money as the main reason for leaving their job. 22 percent is a very small number!

      So, what are the main reasons for people leaving their jobs?

      Reason 1: One of the big reason's employees are leaving is because there is no career advancement or opportunity for growth. That was actually the main reason employees are leaving according to the study mentioned earlier.

      Reason 2: Another reason is the lack of fit to the job. What does that mean? This could be a few different things - sometimes employees feel that they aren’t being valued, or maybe the position is not challenging enough, or sometimes the position is not what they thought it would be (lack of clear expectations and/or direction).

      Reason 3: A BIG reason employees leave is because of management or the general work environment. This is the team environment, office moral, lack of communication, or lack of support between the team and management.

      Reason 4: Flexibility/scheduling of hours/days, less travel time was also another reason why people leave.

      As you can see- it’s not necessarily all about the money.

      So, if it’s not because of money, why are your employees leaving?

      The real reason they may be leaving is because of; toxic culture + poor management + lack of communication. They may be feeling unmotivated & disengaged and are looking for their happiness somewhere else. If your team member is feeling appreciated and supported, that is often more valued than money.

      Employees are searching for a place to go to every day and love what they do, who they work with and feel like they are part of something much bigger than just drilling, filling, and billing. After all, aren’t we all striving for more meaning and satisfaction in what we do? We want to surround ourselves with those who make us feel heard, appreciated, valued, and safe. Why work somewhere that makes you feel the opposite?

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