Empower and Set Your Dental Office Manager Up for Success.

Empower and Set Your Dental Office Manager Up for Success.

What does it mean to Empower your Office Manager? 

It means giving them permission to take action and, more importantly, make decisions within your dental practice. 

 It also means there's trust between you as the doctor/owner and the office manager, ensuring their actions line up with the company's culture and practice. Your goal, as the practice owner, is to train your Office Manager so that they can learn to delegate and lead others which will, in turn, create more strong “leaders” within your practice. When your Office Manager uses their strengths, not only will it help your practice, but it also empowers and uplifts the rest of the team. When the team is on board, it will multiply your dental practice strengths and capabilities.  

And who doesn’t want that!?

Always delegate with the intent to develop and grow. A great Office Manager needs to be extremely organized. They implement policies, procedures, and systems in your dental practice to help it run smoothly.  

A good reminder is to be open and listen to them when they come to you with suggestions for your practice. When you ask for their input, you are building up their trust with you. Always encourage them to continue sharing their ideas and being invested in your office. When your team feels heard, and appreciate, they are more likely to feel empowered to perform to the best of their abilities.  

When you're communicating with your Office Manager, make sure you're always relaying the desired practice's outcomes that will be the most important to them. Explain to them the reason why you are wanting something done a certain way. Give them a “big picture” of how you want to make things better for the practice and better for the patients. When they understand the reasons why they can relay it to the entire team and instill the importance. When they have a clear understanding, it is easier for them to make better decisions. And also, it is clearly outlined and defined for them. 

Communication is key. Another great reminder is giving positive feedback when you see your Office Manager working hard, or going that extra mile for a team member, a patient, or your practice itself.  

Two small words can have a huge impact. When you add words of encouragement, a gift, or some sort of positive feedback you are reinforcing that positive behavior, and it is more likely to occur again.  

Always remember, effective leaders will always lead by example.  

So, create a positive work environment and atmosphere, and encourage productivity and motivation. When you and your Office Manager understand and know how to exercise these positive reinforcements, you will then begin to see a higher level of engagement within the team, and your dental practice will begin to thrive. 

Article information provided by Sherrie Brookes, Practice Operations Coach.