Getting Your Team to Buy In!

Getting Your Team to Buy In!

It all starts with having a plan!

It's very much like when you deal with your patients, you need to do a diagnostic before you can come up with the treatment plan. So too, you need to assess what kind of employees you have.

If they're employees that you've inherited because you bought a practice, their buy-in is going to be very different than if you are a startup and you have the luxury of hiring people from the start.

Part of the buy-in is difficult because sometimes staff sees it as you're making changes...even though you're the owner and change is your right! It’s possible that if they have worked with somebody else, there's going to be some resistance a.k.a “Why do we have to do this?"

So then, how do you get your team to understand what YOU want?

People can be complicated! Guess what, your business is FULL of them!

You can't motivate them just because you think something is a great idea. So how do we get them to buy in?

We start with RESPECT.

1. Explain to them WHY you're going to make the changes.

2. Give them an opportunity to understand.

3. Listen to them and be willing to hear what their input is.

For example: Your reception team -- they have been greeting and exiting patients for a long time. How many patients have you greeted and exited as an owner? They're going to be able to tell you things that you've never even thought of. You're going to come up with a plan that works for your practice, a plan that works for your team, that will work to build a thriving culture.

What kind of a practice do you want to be?

We want them to not only buy in, but we want to embrace their ideas and suggestions.

We want them to embrace everything that you're doing in your practice.

If you at least listen to people and give them a chance to express what they think, the buy incomes a lot easier!

So how do you get them to where they understand what you want?

Most people don't turn on a dime. They're going to need time process changes. We need to coach, mentor, and remind them the WHY behind the change. Checking in to see what time of support, training, or resources they need to feel successful in completing X task that is needed for the change. They're going to have to make it part of who they are because you're changing how they've done things.

Remember, if you inherited this team, this process might take a little bit longer, but don't give up!

Don't think just because there is push back that means they're not going to change.

People's natural tendency is to change/risk adverse. 

Which means having different options/solutions can help get a quicker "buy-in" -- that's why involving them in the process is key. Listen to what they need. Take into account their expertise in their various areas.

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