Have a Virtual Year End Team Party!

Have a Virtual Year End Team Party!

2020 is coming to an end!  For many of us - that's great news!  

This year, to say the least, has been a year like no other! Like everything else 2020 has thrown us, this year’s “year -end celebrations” are going to be a lot different than we are used to.

As COVID cases continue to rise to numbers higher than we saw when it first broke out, many are mandating stricter guidelines for meetings and gatherings.

With those gatherings, comes the end of the year celebrations we may normally be having with our team. Some may not be feeling very festive this year, or think they have much to celebrate, but now more than ever is a time to find ways to be closer together. Even if that means virtually!

While you may not be able to experience the normal celebrations we are used to (pre-COVID), there’s no reason why you shouldn’t celebrate you and your team's hard work through a virtual holiday party.

A virtual party is an excellent way to boost your team’s morale, all while still practicing social distancing. After all, living through a pandemic is not just about hardship, but also about resilience.

Here are some things to keep in mind when planning a remote office party:

Get Your Team Involved With the Planning:

Will you be having virtual drinks together? Or having a snack together while you chat? What about thinking of a theme, or fun activities that you can do during your virtual time together.  Maybe you can arrange for a special snack or food to be delivered to each team members separate location?

See what the team thinks and encourage them to plan it out with you. Often times your team will have many creative ideas that you might never of thought of! Keep in mind, that some will not want to participate due to other circumstances, and that is ok.

While the remote party is a well-intentioned gesture meant to support employee wellbeing, everyone may not be in a state of mind to celebrate. Working parents, people tending to sick relatives or those who’ve experienced personal loss due to the pandemic may not want to join in, and that's ok - respect their decision.

Make it Fun for Everyone!

This is your chance to have some fun.  Think outside of the box and get creative. Not sure what to do, Just a simple "Google Search" will bring up lots of different and fun ideas.

 Make sure to include interactive activities and games that’ll help everyone bond and have a good time. Try to get creative!  Besides online trivia quizzes, you could solve a murder mystery, or work your way out of an online escape room. How about hiring a live entertainer such as a stand-up comedian to bring some laughs?!

Try to plan a variety of activities so that everyone feels included. For example, if you are thinking of doing a wine tasting, it may cause non-drinkers to feel excluded. Try to find an activity where everyone can participate.

Remember it's a Party-Don't Make it About Work!

While it is very important to acknowledge and thank your team for all of their hard work during this difficult year, try to remember to not let your virtual party become a work meeting. Make the evening fun and about connecting with your co-workers and just enjoying a worry free night.

This year’s year end parties are definitely different than any past years, but they are still just as important for team morale. This is the time to find ways to encourage and motivate your team. Doing small gestures like this, can go along way to help build that rapport within your team and lift each other up during these times!

We know you have a lot on your plate, let us take HR off your plate so you can focus on the things that matter in your practice - such as your team!