Hiring During a Pandemic-What's Changed?

Hiring During a Pandemic-What's Changed?

Recruiting can be challenging at the best of times, but now even more so post Covid 19!

What seems to be at the forefront for a lot of offices right now - Recruiting! Some clinics are having to deal with the issue of staff that can’t come back or even staff not wanting to come back.

You might be thinking - no problem, there are a lot of people looking for jobs right now so I won’t have an issue finding someone, but it might not be as easy as you think. The recent pandemic has changed everything. Hiring is not the same as it used to be and you can’t expect to do the same thing you’ve always done.

Hiring involves more than just filling a vacancy.

It can be easy to fill a vacant position, but are you JUST looking to fill the void or are you looking to find a valuable team member to join your team. Keeping a team member long term requires a lot, especially now post Covid. As we are still navigating through this pandemic, many are left wondering what happens next?

There is still so much uncertainty and unknowns, but for those wanting to return back to work - they want to know that you have a plan in place.

Hiring During a Pandemic

Our regulations and protocols have changed because of COVID-19. Hiring isn't just giving someone an offer letter and job descriptions. There needs to be proper protocols, documents and training to ensure your team member will maintain proper infection prevention and control methods to stop the spread between patients but also training on your health & safety to keep themselves and their team safe.

Having training and training logs:

  1. Increase of PPE
  2. Proper PPE training
  3. Understanding your COVID-19 response plan
  4. Health screenings
  5. Affirmation of health 
  6. Emergency Protocols
  7. Occupational Health and Safety Program 

Times Have Changed!

Now more than ever is the time to have everything in place for your clinic, for your staff, and for your patients. They want to know you have their best interest and safety in mind.

Your staff is looking to you for leadership and guidance. They need to know you have plans in place.

They need you to be the leader recovering from the pandemic.

Many offices come to us when they need hiring and we can easily help you find someone, but we do more than just fill a position; We do recruiting differently.

We don’t just provide a band-aid solution and fill the position. Because we all now, that is only a temporary solution, soon you will be right back at square one. That gets exhausting REAL FAST! Not to mention, the time it takes to put together all of the paperwork, providing the new hire onboarding, and orientation. Time that you could use to focus on other things like the 20 other items on your to-do list, 30 outstanding emails in your inbox, 40 treatment plans you have to catch up on, and the 50 latest marketing trends to help your practice stand out.

We are all about saving you time! We help you develop your Human Resources and Occupational Health & Safety Program -- the guiding principles and protocols for your organization. We become your Virtual HR managers and can help with the recruitment, background checks, new employee paperwork, onboarding, and even training! 

We help Dentists build, develop, and grow their team through implementing Human Resource systems that build a thriving business and incredible culture.

Find out how we do recruiting differently!  CONTACT US HERE!