How to Conduct an Appropriate Office Holiday Party

How to Conduct an Appropriate Office Holiday Party

The Winter season is a time of year when people love to celebrate. Office Christmas, Holiday and Year End Parties are no exception. These parties provide opportunities for employees to socialize with their coworkers, have fun, and even show off their Christmas sweater collection. However, Holiday Parties come with risks that employers should be aware of so they can protect their employees during the festivities. In this blog post, we will discuss some ways you can conduct an appropriate office holiday party without risking anyone's safety or wellbeing.

One of the best ways to ensure a Holiday Party is successful and people have fun, but also stay safe, is by hosting it at a restaurant. This way you can hire a professional server who has been trained on how to serve alcohol responsibly as well as provide food for your employees. Having an open bar can encourage your employees to overindulge and potentially drive home after the party. In addition, you want to make sure that none of your guests are under the influence as this could lead to a sexual harassment claim being filed against them or even violence occurring at the Holiday Party. Moreover, if you are hosting a Holiday party at a venue where there are vaccine mandates in place, please ensure that you discuss this with your team prior to the event taking place in the event that you have some attendees who would not be able to attend due to their vaccination status.

It is highly recommended that you not make attendance voluntary for your Holiday Party for a variety of reasons including being around alcohol consumption. Alcohol can make some employees feel uncomfortable, so it's important for them to have the ability to opt out and avoid attending if that feeling arises during your event. This way you don't end up having workers show up at an alcohol-fueled celebration where they're unhappy or uncomfortable!

Another action that can be taken by employers during an office Holiday Party is providing nonalcoholic beverages. This way employees do not feel obligated to only drink alcoholic beverages. This will give people who don't want alcohol an opportunity to socialize and network while still having fun!

Having a professional server to provide alcohol service at your Holiday party is another way to ensure your employees are safe if you are hosting in your own office or in another location that isn’t staffed with qualified and trained servers. Having a professional server at your Holiday party is also important because servers must have the Serving it Right certificate which includes knowing how to identify if someone has had too much to drink and when they should cut them off.

Another action you can take to protect your employees during an office Holiday party is by providing taxi vouchers for all of your guests at the end of the night. This way, if there are any people who have had one or more alcoholic beverages they will be able to get home safely without driving under the influence and putting themselves or others in danger.

It is important to emphasize comportment at office parties. Employees must still be held to company rules about harassment, discrimination and violent behavior. Language being used at a Holiday party should be appropriate for the workplace. Company workplace harassment and anti-bullying policies are still in effect at events.

Now it is time to plan an appropriate and safe party so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about potential risks that could arise from hosting such an event. In this blog post, we outlined some tips on how employers should conduct themselves during their office holiday parties in order to ensure they are not putting anyone at risk or compromising any employee's wellbeing. If these precautions sound like something you want assistance with, reach out to our team today! We offer to consult services as well as training and coaching programs designed specifically for HR professionals who host an annual company-wide celebration. Do you have any other concerns about hosting a safe Holiday party? Contact us now at