How to have better team meetings!

How to have better team meetings!

Are morning huddles currently a part of your routine at your practice? If not - they should be! Let’s talk about morning huddles and how important they are to start off your day in your practice. I want to stress the importance of making sure that your clinic is doing them EVERY MORNING.

If you are not currently doing morning meetings are you wondering where to start? We will share a great and simple format that can be used!

We will break it up into three areas.

1) Break up your departments.

With your admin team - go through any new patients, any emergency slots available, as well as any times that you could do same day treatment, and any openings for the week. Having that all laid out is going to help the entire team. It helps smooth out the schedule and everyone works together as a team to help with filling any of those openings.

When it comes to the assistants and hygienists, go through each of their patients as well and anything that they need to know, let them know what treatment they're doing. That lays it all out and it's a lot smoother so everyone knows where they need to be or when they need help in a certain department.

2) Clinic Goals.

It’s important to talk about and track your goals and compare the numbers. It's a good idea to review the numbers from the day before. For example: for the assistants, get them to read what they did for same-day treatment if you have a goal, and then they can let you know their number. You would do the same with hygienists. With admin, go through everyone that was booked back to make sure they were pre-booked. It helps keep everyone on track and everyone knows what their numbers are. Once everyone knows this information, it's good for comparison and knowing what they need to do to meet that goal if they're aware of their numbers.

3) Have fun!

Make sure the dentist is participating and have something fun at the end. Whether it's a fun video to show or a quote or go around the room and have each person say what they're thankful for- it’s important to get everyone involved. It will energize the team and get them excited about the day.

These are some suggestions to implement and include in your morning huddles. If you are still looking for more help and guidance about team meetings and so much more click HERE to get in touch with us-we’d love to see how we can help!