How to Hire the Right People!

How to Hire the Right People!

Does the thought of having to hire a new employee make you cringe?

Hiring people is one of the most difficult things leaders have to do, but if you do it right, it makes everything so much easier. However, most of the time we get in a rush because we’re desperate for help and try to take the easy or quick way.

Many dental clinics are desperate to hire, but sometimes part of the problem is because they didn’t have the right systems and processes in place or there was no accountability. When you are hiring make sure you are solving the root cause of the issue – not just trying to find a bandaid solution! It could be a costly error if you hire the wrong candidate.

Did you know that $28,000 is the average cost of a bad hire? And I that is a conservative estimate. Not to mention lost time, wasted money and a negative impact of team morale and quality of patient care.

So how do you make sure you hire the right people?

Here are 5 ways to help you make the right hire.

1. Assess your company’s culture: To recruit the best people, you need to know what your clinic needs. What is your mission? What are your values? What type of individuals would fit your practice needs? What mindset are you looking for? Looking for potential candidates with this bigger picture in mind and see how they rate with what you are looking for. Certain things can be trained, but fit is important.

2. Define the requirements carefully: This sounds easy, but it's amazing how many clinics will start the search without determining the specific job requirements and desired personal characteristics of who they want to hire. By determining that, it can be used in the interview to determine if a candidate can fulfill the requirements of the job. Needless to say, it's also critical to determine if the candidate will be a cultural fit as well.

3: Prepare for interviews: While a candidate may look good on paper, during the interview, by asking the right questions, it will tell you if their qualifications are truly a fit with your job. During your interview you will also obtain evidence about whether the candidate may fit within your culture—or not. During the interview, get the candidates to describe how they have handled specific challenges in previous positions. Past performance is a good indication of how they will handle something in the future.

4. Background Check and reference checks when hiring an employee: Effective background checks are one of the most important steps when hiring an employee. You need to verify that all the credentials, skills, and experience are actually possessed by your candidate.

5: Onboarding your new hire: Once you have hired, you need to have their full buy-in. Research indicates that retention rate of a new employee can increase by as much as 40% with a good onboarding/orientation program. Besides training, you might want to consider pairing your new hire with an experienced staff member that can serve as a mentor and coach

Take the time you need to find the right candidate. If you rush to hire, this will just be a bandaid solution and you may be back to square one again if it doesn’t work out. Your PEOPLE are the secret to your Dental Practice's SUCCESS, if you want more information, download our free ebook for some more hiring tips.