Permit Renewal Changes & What That Means For Your Practice

      Permit Renewal Changes & What That Means For Your Practice

      If 2020 taught us anything, it that things can change in a blink of eye. We saw changes from new workplace health & safety legislation changes to PPE requirements, to COVID-19 is now considered an Occupational Hazard, and now, the ADA&C has recently announced changes to your license and permit renewals.

      One more thing to add to, what seems to be, our ever- growing to-do list. You might want to brush off these updates, or think “I’ll get to them later”, but let us caution you on that thinking.

      What do the new changes mean for your practice?

      Last November, the Alberta Dental Association and College announced changes to the process and requirements to renew your practice permits. All dentists are required to complete and submit the Practice Visits Review Questionnaire. This form must be completed and submitted by November 01, 2021 as a requirement for the 2022 practice permit renewal year. 

      Some of the changes include that all members will be required to hold current CPR, answer a series of questions to ensure your practice is adhering to legislation and that your practice has the necessary forms, policies, and office specific manuals.  

      One being, your practice must adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, which includes having an office-specific written OHS manual, and a health and safety program. 

      We know it may seem overwhelming with all the new updates that have been made, but you don’t have to do this alone.

      Stream Dental HR can help!

      Having these Health & Safety and Infection Prevention programs is mandatory and required for your practice. We can help build you entire HR, Health & Safety, and IPC program. We help you meet employment standards to ensure compliance and create a safe and healthy workplace.