Preparing to Build an Even More Profitable Business!

Preparing to Build an Even More Profitable Business!

Things are changing hour by hour and day by day and there are countless things that are out of our control right now that our heads are spinning. BUT- there are so many things that are in our control: our mindset, our actions, our emotions and behaviours. There are A LOT of things that we can do right now to be proactive!

If we work together now, we can create a stronger and more profitable team and business than we ever had before!

Here are some things you can do right now:

Be present. One of the biggest and most important things you can do right now is be present on social media. Social media is so often neglected when we are busy, so now that you may have some extra time get on social media and get seen! Videos are a great spot to start at. Even just some quick videos from home just to, let your patients know what’s going on and that you are there for them. Post it on facebook, Instagram and if you have an email list send it out to all of your patients. Try to make it a weekly habit during this time. If you have some team members still working, get them involved and have them make a video from home offering some dental hygiene tips, how to brush kids teeth properly etc. EVERYONE is on their phones right now so use this opportunity to continue to build relationships with patients! Have a meeting with your team and get them involved and have them help create a plan for the next quarter of what you can post on social media. Use tools such as Plannable or Later and set up your posts for the next few months, that way once you are back to work your social media is set up and ready to go!

Check in with your team! Set up weekly or bi-weekly zoom meetings with them. It doesn’t always need to be about work. Just have a quick check in and see how they are doing and how they are managing through all of this. There’s so much negativity on the news etc right now so staying connected and talking about positive things with your team will help you build stronger relationships for when those doors reopen. Try setting up a wine book club, or watch a movie on Netflix together-our health and well being is so important right now, so help create positivity with your team now and that will carry through when you start back at the office.

Keep Connected. Set up some zoom calls or give a quick phone call to your patients! It doesn’t necessarily have to be dental related. Just give them a quick call and see how they are doing. Let them know you are there for any emergencies or if they have any questions. That way they see your face and you are reaching out to them on a personal level. Reach out to your senior patients and see if there is anything they need. What an impact that will have on your patients and they will see that you are not just about drilling, billing and filling.

These are just a few ideas that you can be doing during this time. Just because COVID-19 has taken us out of our regular routine, it doesn’t mean that we need to stop all communications. This isn’t a time where we should be stepping back but a time where we can step up. Your team as well as your patients will appreciate the gesture!