Preserving your Workplace Culture and COVID-19 Policies

Preserving your Workplace Culture and COVID-19 Policies

People management is often one of the biggest challenges a dental practice may face. Dealing with so many different personalities, traits, skillsets etc! Now, throw in a stressful global pandemic into the mix and things get amplified 1000%

You are probably feeling the stress and the pressure that were brought along in 2020 and are continuing into 2021. You, as the practice owner/office manager, may have had to implement and make certain changes to your practice, which include implementing new policies and procedures.

Employers must take all reasonable precautions to keep COVID-19 out of the workplace. This includes setting down clear policies on COVID-19 and sharing them with your staff.

You may find that some are reluctant to change, so here are some tips when it comes to Preserving your Culture and COVID-19 Policies.

  • Determine what kind of culture you want to uphold.  Not only do you need to remember to maintain a healthy team but you also need to determine your duty to accommodate for human rights issues and train employees on health and safety procedures. You also need to provide employees with options (vaccinate or PPE)
  • Employers should keep staff informed of updates to Public Health guidelines. They should remind employees of company policies around the pandemic. You could share information through memos/emails, policies, posters in common areas, and team meetings.
  • Advise your staff to always monitor their symptoms. Make sure they know about the COVID-19 self-assessment tools (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario) available online. 
  • Maintain transparency with your team. Let them know of the changes that are being made and why. For example: ask for their opinions, suggestions and ideas and find out what their likes and dislikes are.
  • Encourage positive group talk: 1) lead team discussions about how to treat one another based on willingness to vaccinate 2) ensure that you maintain positive communication on the subject 3) reinforce anti bullying policies.
  • Remember to balance duty to accommodate employees and duty of care for patients. 

"If you do no develop your corporate culture, it will develop itself. Corporate culture doesn't happen by accident and if it does, you are taking a risk"- Monique Winston

Not sure where to start? Let us help.  

Employers have a broad responsibility for protecting employees' health and safety with considerable risks on their shoulders. There are a substantial amount of policies, procedures, and training that must be be implemented within the workplace. Employers must stay compliant with all of the above stated and more within the OHS legislation, or they may be inadvertently putting their practice at risk.  

We, at Stream Dental HR, are experts when it comes to understanding employer's obligations under all provincial OHS legislation. Our team can enhance your workplace safety measures and establish compliance with advanced training programs, which will leave you with more time to focus on your business operations and development with increased peace of mind.

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