The True Cost of HR: Hiring

The True Cost of HR: Hiring

Whether being in the dental industry for many years or just a short time, most of us have all experienced the nightmares from making a bad hirer. One bad hire may not completely break your business, but it can bring a lot of negative effects, sleepless nights, and overwhelm!

A Bad Hire Costs You More Than Just Their Wages

When it comes to recruiting, think of the time and money you spend when it comes to hiring just one position. Even after you think you find the right person, then there’s onboarding and time spent training. After all of this, if the employee isn’t the right fit, you will then have to repeat the process again, requiring more time and more money out of your pocket. How much could this cost your business? On average, one bad hire could set a company back $28,000 — and this is for just one employee. This number also doesn’t take into consideration the costs to replace them or to retain other employees. Learn more about that: HERE 

What about the bad hire affecting the morale and culture that you worked so hard to build? Having even one “bad apple” can deeply affect the environment of your practice. If the problem isn’t handled or resolved, it could even cause other team members to want to leave. Not only can this bad hire cause problems within your team, but patients will be able to sense that there is tension or animosity in the workplace.

Which leads to: Patient Experience.  Your business would not be successful without your team providing exceptional patient care. Especially now a days where there is so much competition. If your patients are not receiving the experience they expect, they will go find another clinic. If you hire the wrong person in a client-facing position, then it’s your clinic that will suffer from a loss in customers. Don’t forget about reviews that patients can leave regarding this individual.

You Want to Take Your Time to Find The Best Fit For Your Company.

Along with an accurate job description, you need to create benefit packages and growth opportunities that attract and retain the best talent. This makes your employees feel valued and gives them more incentives to participate. Furthermore, when you do find good prospective candidates, it’s important to test their skills. This is where skill assessments are vital. Not only does this allow the candidate to showcase whether or not they can do some of the duties of the job, but it also tests the validity of their resume.

The ultimate goal of every practice should be to build a company culture that finds, welcomes, and nurtures the right fit for your organization’s needs. As part of this process, you will need to establish an onboarding program that clearly defines your company’s culture and how your employee(s) fit into it. This will help them transition into the role while also knowing what’s expected of them.

Hiring Isn't Easy. 

Your business, patients, and team deserve the best.

That’s why Stream Dental HR designed a successful formula that has helped hundreds of practices hire the right people and empower them to do the job right, while saving you time.

We start by understanding your business needs, your behavioral profile, your current team structure, employee roles & responsibilities, and future growth plans to identify your ideal candidate.

We design your employer branding strategy to attract top talent, create strategic interview questions to find the right person, and mitigate your risk by conducing reference and background checks.

Save yourself time, headaches, and sleepless nights by outsourcing your recruitment needs to the experts

At Stream Dental HR, we offer strategic recruitment services that will help build the team that will build your empire. 

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