Are You Prepared to Re-Open Your Dental Practice?

Are You Prepared to Re-Open Your Dental Practice?

After what felt like an eternity of being closed, we finally were given the green light to reopen!

We went from one unknown to another with a whole new set of questions and overwhelm. 

How long will it take us to get back to regular operations and regular patient flow? What if I need to work extended hour or more days to make up for lost time? What if I only need a few team members until things start pick up?

Establishing your game plan is crucial! Start making some calculations and establishing benchmarks -- Which team members do you need to help you triage your treatment? How are we going to build and grow so we reach the next benchmark to bring on the rest of your team? 

Create your plan "A to Z" so you are prepared! Communicate your ideas with your team so they can get involved in the process and help you build some business strategies will make your plan come to life!

Next step is to build the necessary protocols, policies and paperwork to help you roll out your game plan. For example: if you are extending hours, having employees job share, temporarily change someones role -- you are changing the original employment agreement and this needs to be written down and agreed upon! After all, in the HR world, we having a saying: "if it's not in writing, it never happened." 

We need to make sure that we're acting as safely as possible and based on the current legislation in order to avoid future accusations or lawsuits based on any constructive dismissal, wrongful termination, and discrimination.

Do you feel like your current HR systems and policies support your practice in a way that reduces your risk? 

If you answered "No" -- this is a great opportunity for us to get our HR organized to help us implement our game plan, have clarity on our guidelines, mitigate our risk, and be prepared for the future. 

COVID-19 caught us off guard! We wanted to establish our crisis management playbook and contingency plan so we do not find ourselves in this situation again. 

We are here to help!

We are offering a 30-minute complimentary compliance audit to ensure you have the necessary HR policies, procedures, and paperwork in place to be compliant with employment standards.

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