Why HR is Essential to Growing Your Dental Practice

Why HR is Essential to Growing Your Dental Practice

Do the words "human resources" make you cringe?  We know many people feel that way when they think of human resources because they have had a bad experience when it comes to HR.

Human resources issues can cause many headaches in dental practices. With the new year quickly approaching, now is the time to get some good HR policies in place for your dental practice. If 2020 taught us anything, it was that things change quickly, and sometimes, we need to adapt just as fast!  A lot changed in 2020, so solid practices will make everything run more smoothly. Here are things you need to consider.

Recruitment and Retention 

Recruitment and retention is a common stress most dental practices face at some point or another. Compensation is an important factor that needs to be reviewed at least, once a year. 

There are various factors on why an employee may leave. Often, it is thought employees leave because of wanting more money, and that can sometimes be the case, but pay isn’t always the reason your employees are leaving.  Employees may be leaving because they aren't feeling challenged or rewarded. There may be issues between co-workers, or worse, management.  

It's important to take the time to speak with your team members and check in from time to time and see how things are going.  Also, plan out quarterly reviews with your team, so you can talk about goals/ action plans for each of them to have something to strive for.  Showing you are taking the time to find out your team's goals/ambitions will go a long way.

Corporate Culture & Training 

Making work a smooth functioning and positive environment, can turn your workplace around and make it a home away from home for your employees. If work is fun, uplifting, and harmonious, it can contribute to a much sought out work-life balance. 

Find ways to encourage and support your team. Your team is looking for a clinic that will support their growth.  

Consider hosting patient-communication training for staff. That can allow you to create a corporate culture you can be proud of. Much of your patients’ experience depends on how they feel with your team—even before you get facetime with patients themselves. So if staff is trained systematically on how to express your brand’s service philosophy, you’re that much closer to workplace harmony. It can also provide them with early and clear direction, so they can develop good habits and teamwork. 

In case you need a dental office manager trained to handle key HR duties, getting comprehensive training for that skillset makes some of that efficient growth possible. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 


Whether through typical workplace stress, hazardous materials, or global pandemics (from USA or Canada), growing your practice requires a robust set of safety practices and training. A dentist or even a competent office manager needs support in guaranteeing safety to all those coming through the door. 


If your dental office manager doesn’t have the right qualities, your quality of service could decline. You might find your practice doesn’t have the supplies it needs. There could be issues with patient recall. Sometimes the dental practice software you’re using doesn’t keep your staff sufficiently coordinated. 

Poor management could lead to scheduling conflicts surrounding time off (affecting appointments), poor communication (affecting morale), or theory-practice disconnect regarding corporate culture. In the worst case, mismanagement of your staff could result in lawsuits. 

Having your manager take care of all human resources concerns can often overwhelm even select, highly competent managers. Management in other industries limits management to operations as a means of efficiently dividing labor. In a perfect world, each dental practice would have an HR team. 

But given how much a dentist, an office manager, a few hygienists, and a secretary can do, the cost-to-benefit ratio just isn’t there. Outsourcing HR will allow you to recruit and retain the best office manager while keeping him or her focused on service first. It can also preserve cost-efficiency when compared with keeping an in-house HR representative on staff. 

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