Why HR is Important in a Dental Office.

Why HR is Important in a Dental Office.

Do you find yourself constantly writing your growing list of to do's on sticky notes?  Or tying some floss around your finger so you don't forget to: Approve Sally's vacation time, do payroll, develop a new marketing strategy, add new PPE protocols to your employee handbook, find candidates for a new role that just opened up in your office-and the list goes on and on!

You will often hear us say, “HR is more than just hiring or firing”. There is often a misconception that Human Resources is just recruiting and office manuals. While those are important and a component to it, HR’s ultimate goal is to help employees do their best at their jobs.

Human Resources (HR) are the umbrella term used to describe the management and development of employees in an organization. It’s all about increasing employee performance.

Human Resources plays a key role in developing, reinforcing and changing the culture of an organization, such as;

o Recruitment

o Onboarding

o Managing Payroll

o Performance management

o Training and development,

o Employment law and compliance

o Safety compliance

o In addition, HR today plays a significant role in developing positive business culture and improving employee engagement and productivity, both of which are critical to business success.


In a lot of small businesses, HR is easily overlooked. Many entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a flying start, but grapple with people management as the business starts to flourish. Managing staff takes time and it requires specific skills. HR is an area of expertise many business owners lack.

Regardless of skills, the value of HR in business isn’t always immediately apparent. With just a few employees, business leaders feel like they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the people they hire and manage.

However, as a business grows, leaders often find there just isn’t time to deal with day-to-day people management and recruitment and the focus on people can easily get lost. This is the costliest mistake a small business can make. Comprehensive HR is crucial for success. Without a talented team, your business may struggle.

HR covers so much more than hiring, firing and pay reviews. It encompasses all aspects of people management, communication and is pivotal in building a positive culture. Get HR right and you are halfway to making your business dreams a reality.

Consider the consequences of poor HR. When employees don’t feel supported, aren’t being given opportunities, work long hours, and so on, their motivation to perform is impacted. Under-deliver on effective HR and it has a knock-on effect on your bottom line. People, culture and business success go hand-in-hand. 


Reputation as an employer is influential in attracting talent. It also impacts on customers. Take Uber as an example – plagued by a string of HR catastrophes from sexual harassment cases to ignoring employee complaints, the resulting bad publicity has undoubtedly deterred many from working there or from using their ride-sharing services. Bad HR has destroyed Uber’s employer brand.


As the workforce evolves, human resources departments are increasingly called upon to address a variety of challenging situations. Professionals in this field are tasked to manage reward systems, conflicts, organizational assessments, and numerous other duties while adhering to a strict code of ethics.

See what we mean – there is so much more involved in HR than most people realize. It can see so overwhelming with everything that you, as the practice owner, need to deal with.

That’s where we can help. We know you have so much on your plate, so let us help you take HR off your plate.

We help overworked dentists turn their practice & team into a well-oiled machine so they can spend more time being a dentist and grow their business.

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