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        WEBINAR: Prepare Your Practice for the Second Wave

        November 30, 2020

        In this webinar we discuss how to build your crisis management playbook to deal with:1. Handling COVID exposures in the workplace2. Preparing your practice for the possibility of another imminent lockdown 3. Getting your practice ready for an Occupational Health & Safety inspection

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        COVID-19 FAQ (Canada)

        September 11, 2020

        A resource to help answer several COVID-19 related questions such as:● Can I require an employee to be tested for COVID-19?● When should I let the employee come back to work?● Do I have to pay employee if they are quarantining after travel? ● Can I restrict employees from personal travel?

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        Coronavirus Related Child Care Leave

        September 11, 2020

        As an employer, you must be ready to face the same challenges that many members of the workforce are facing…children returning to school! It is likely that there will be an increase in COVID-19 cases within schools, so how are you prepared to support your staff if they need to take time off for childcare reasons? What leaves are employees eligible for?

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        Occupational Health & Safety for Dental Practices

        July 6, 2020

        Now that inspections have begun, many practices are left wondering “Where Do I Begin?” and “What do I Need For our Health and Safety Program?” and “How Do I get Inspection Ready?” 

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        Stress in the Workplace – How to Re-energize Your Team!

        September 21, 2020

        Since everyone has been feeling the effects of what has been going on, it’s time to find ways to re-energize your staff.
        Here are some little things that can have a huge impact on lifting morale within your practice!

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        EBOOK: Crisis Management Playbook

        June 5, 2020

        This ebook reviews strategies on how to prepare for any crisis within your business including pandemics. 

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