How to Become a Great Employee in your Dental Practice: 10 Traits That Will Make the Difference

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Hooray! You just landed your dream job! A nice boss, great team, a positive and friendly environment, perfect hours! Just what you have been looking for! You want to perform to the best of your abilities and make them proud to have you be a part of their team! Here are some tips on how to become the next "Employee of the Month!"

Are you punctual?

Time management is everything! Being tardy is a bad habit and can convey the message that you do not respect their time! Being late implies you are rude and lack all consideration for your team as well as for the commitment you made. {OUCH!} Punctuality is important! Do your best to be on time and not continuously weigh on your team's patience.

Do you have a positive attitude?

This really sounds simple, but more often it is difficult to keep up the good spirits! Some days life can weigh you down! Maybe it hasn't been your week or month. Your stress can start to creep into your work, attitude and how you treat others. Left unchecked, negativity is like a wildfire and before you know it...the whole office is engulfed in a fury of negativity and complaining! {CALL 911!} To avoid this, it helps to surround yourself and fill your mind with positive things- read a book, call your overly optimistic friend, exercise or simply go for a walk! Douse that fire with a refreshingly positive attitude!

Do you feel accountable for the job?

"Accountability is the glue that ties commitment to results" - Does this sound like words that you live by? Often thinking this is a mere "job" makes your day's monotonous and meaningless. If your job becomes your passion, your performance, confidence, and enthusiasm will be noticed!

Being a good team player

To run a successful Dental clinic, each team member needs to work together to provide quality care to your patients! Working as a team requires that you put the team's goals and the team's accountability ahead of your own! This will show everyone that you are here to help and do what is needed so the office runs smoothly and each patient walks out happy!

Motivation for improvement

Complacency kills- it is a slow and agonizing death of your career! You have to be someone who strives for improvement. Once you are employed, you must remember that the growth of an organization largely depends on the growth of an individual. If you are not growing, how can you help your practice to grow?

Be a solution-maker

Life happens and so do problems. But with every problem is an opportunity. Be proactive and look for ways to create solutions. This helps to increase your reliability within the team.

An eye for details

This career requires an eye for details. Your skill set demands that you are careful, thorough and patient. Do not rush through the task at hand and end up missing a very important step.

To be understanding and patient

In your career, there will be a lot of patients who will be nervous, anxious or EXTREMELY picky! Some days you want to throw in the towel! Take a deep breath and remember you are in the customer service business! Making sure the patient walks away happy will leave you walking away happy at the end of your day!

Accepting your shortcomings

No one is perfect {...except for me over course!} But what you need to show your employer that you identify your shortcomings or mistakes and you are ready to work on them.

Passionate about the job

No two days are the same in a Dental practice! If you are not passionate about the job, it will take a toll on you. Remember that you are in the business of changing peoples lives by changing patients smile! Keeping this in mind will help ignite your passion! Passion is the difference between having a job and having a career!


Landing your dream job is not enough. It is how you behave after being hired! Make them happy they hired you! Most importantly make yourself proud by the hard and satisfying work you do every day!


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