5 Tips On How To Conduct An Effective Interview

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It's crunch time! This vacant position is putting a lot of stress on your entire office! It doesn't help that your team is reminding you daily and pressuring you to hire a replacement! But wait..."what if you hire the wrong person?"

A wrong hire can negatively impact your office in more ways then you may think! Let's talk about wasted time, money, team morale and worst yet... the quality of patient care is impacted the most!

There are ways to avoid this! It starts with conducting an effective interview!

Before the Interview
Before you decide to even meet your first candidate, you need to set yourself up for the meeting. Opt for a setting which is quiet, clear of distractions and will be comfortable for both yourself and the candidate! Remember, job interviews are very nerve-racking and intimidating! Make them feel at ease so they can feel comfortable to be open and honest!

Be prepared
Tune into your inner "boy scout"- always be prepared! Start by preparing a list of interview questions in advanced. This can be done by reverse engineering this position: "what type of qualities, skills and/or experience is needed to help us take our office to the next level of success?" Once you determine what those are, write these questions down! Have them with you during the interview to serve as an outline.

Explaining the Position
Everyone is nervous in the first few minutes of their interview! Be nice and put them at ease! Break the ice by introducing yourself, describe your office and team environment. Remember you have to sell them just as much as they have to sell themselves! Calgary's dental job market is competitive these days!

A prospective employee may not fully understand what the job demands! Spend a few minutes and speak about the job responsibilities and requirements. Let them know what will be expected of them and also any opportunity for growth.

AskOpen-Ended Question
Asking yes/no questions will give you a 50/50 chance of getting the answer you want. But we are looking for the answers your NEED! Ask questions that will force them to respond with more detail!

Open ended questions will help transition you to ask follow up questions! Use this time to really get to know them! Will they take your office in the direction of success or will they take one step back...right where you are now?

Wait for it... This is the moment when the candidate can really show they have done their homework! Did they do their research about your office? Do they take this time to tell you what they can bring to the table! Or do they only ask what they can get out of the job (ie. $$$)

By conducting an effective interview, it enables you the opportunity to make sure the expectations of the job are clearly specified and addressed with the applicants. Taking notes will keep their answers organized for quick reference, making the decision-making part of hiring much easier!

Stream Dental Staffing Solutions can help streamline the difficult task of finding the right candidates, with the right skills at the right times! One of the greatest things about Stream is that we meet every clients desired involvement in the hiring process. From being fully present at every stage of the recruitment agenda, to leaving everything in our capable hands, each practice can be as engaged as they want!


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