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Your Business is Unique. Why Isn't Your HR?

Streamline your business with a customized HR program & strategy designed for your immediate needs and long-term goals, WITHOUT spending countless hours guessing (or worrying) if your business is compliant with the latest requirements.

We Make HR Easy So You Can Get Back to Doing Your Best Work

Compliance Audits

Feeling like your HR isn't helping or protecting your business as it should? 
Our team of certified HR professionals review each policy of your existing manual, identifying when language, provisions or policies are: out of compliance, inconsistencies with federal, provincial/state, and municipal regulations, Illegal, contradictory or missing, and evaluate the potential areas of risk or lack of compliance.

HR Policy Development

You went to school to be a Dentist, not an HR Specialist. 
Let us develop your employee handbook, Occupational Health & Safety Programs, and a customized HR library for your business.

HR Administration & Support

Leave the time-consuming paperwork and HR projects to us. 
Ideal for practices from 3 to 250 employees, we can handle all of your HR responsibilities from day to day reporting to employee relations.
For less than the cost of a part-time employee, our certified HR professionals will take the time-consuming process of HR off your plate.

Performance Management

Your business is dynamic, so should your HR and performance growth strategies for your team. 
We help develop performance growth and management strategies based on where you are today and where you need to be tomorrow. 
We put together the necessary documents, resources, and coaching programs to help your team and practice get there. 

Compensation Strategies

In today’s tight talent market, employees have more bargaining power and greater access to salary information than ever before, getting compensation right is crucial. 
We help you design your compensation strategy around your company culture to improve employees’ satisfaction and won't impact your bottom line.

Fraud investigation

Employee Grievances, Investigations, and Terminations

This is the stuff that keeps us awake at night. 
With Stream Dental HR on your side, we can provide guidance, support, and resources to handle them effectively. 

Want to work with us?

Get a team of HR professionals that become an extension of your business.