HR Management Training, Workshops & Consulting

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Dental HR and Health & Safety Courses 

Have someone who is managing your team and supporting HR, but just needs a bit of help better understanding all the facets of HR including federal, provincial/state, and municipal legislation?
Or maybe you hired a new office manager with little or no experience within the dental industry?
We can help!
We have a team of experts and industry pros that started, managed, and sold multi-million-dollar clinics. We can help provide the necessary training and systems to help your office manager run your team and handle your HR with ease. 

Communication Workshops

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You spend your life convincing people that the Dentist isn’t scary and meanwhile you’re a little scared of going to work every day. That’s not cool.

Dealing with different personalities can be hard to juggle and can impact team dynamics and quality of patient care.

Effective communication is key to create a culture where everyone LOVES coming to work every day and understands your vision and expectations.

On-site and virtual workshops are available to help foster respect for one another and work together toward a shared outcome.

Systems Optimization & Consulting

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Do you feel that no matter how hard or how long you work, you can never seem to take your business to the next level? It all boils down to a lack of communication, processes, and systems. Our team has started and managed group practices and know-how to scale your business fast! We work with your team to develop your systems for success to turn your practice into "scale-mode"!

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Building a profitable business means having a solid hygiene department. After all, it affects a large part of your production. In this program, we will review the people and processes to go from surviving to a THRIVING hygiene department.