Occupational Health & Safety 

      Keep your patients, team, and business safe.

      OHS Manual 

      We help you meet employment standards to ensure compliance and create a safe and healthy workplace

      Inspection & Training Checklist

      Stop guessing -- get the necessary policies, paperwork, and training for your team and practice.  


      Exposure Response Plan

      Don't have a COVID-19 exposure-response plan in place? We have you covered!


      Have a Team of OHS Specialists on Your Side

      Enjoy having a team of dedicated OHS specialists that will support your practice to help you keep your employees safe while boosting performance. 
      Stream Dental HR makes the difficult landscape of health & safety easy to understand and implement with:
      ● Health & safety audits to keep your business compliant ● Tailored documentation specific to your practice● OHS training, resources, and support

      OHS is Not the Same As Infection Prevention Control

      The main purpose of Occupational Health and Safety is to protect WORKERS from health and safety hazards on the job. 

      • Annual Hazard Assessments

        Records of annual hazard assessments are required to cover biological, chemical, physical and psychological hazards. 

      • Annual OHS Training 

        Annual training must be conducted for CPR, emergency procedures, and OHS protocols. 

      • Emergency Procedures

        Your OHS manual and training should include evacuation, fire, violence in the workplace, and pandemics. 

      What are the penalties for not complying with OHS Act and its regulations?

      A fine of up to

      $100,000for an individual person and/or up to 12 months imprisonment

      A fine of up to

      $1,500,000for a corporation.

      Ticketed Office

      Stop Work Order

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