Saying "Thank You" to Motivate Your Team

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There are two simple words that can have a huge impact. You probably guessed them — they're "Thank you." But it is not just about saying this phrase, but to actually have meaning behind those words. We've all heard about the power of "thank you." This is probably one of the most amazing ways to boost the morale of your dental team. Your team has worked hard; they should be appreciated for all they have done because, without appreciation, you cannot motivate your team to continue to grow. There are so many different ways in which you can say "Thank you." Here are just a few ideas.


Having a happy team makes a HUGE difference in office productivity, efficiency and patient care. As a leader, you contribute to that whether you know it or not! Recognition can make all the difference! Even something as small as identifying work anniversaries, birthdays or any accomplishments is HUGE in your employee's eyes. You can celebrate these events in simple ways, like buying a round of morning coffee for your employees, or you can get a nice greeting card and get it signed by everyone in the office to mark their anniversary. Whatever you do, it is the gesture that counts. These gestures are actually equivalent to a "thank you." Sometimes gestures are more important than words!

Encouraging new ideas

Open communication and encouraging your team to contribute their ideas or suggestions can ignite a passion or encourage them to go the extra mile for your practice! In other words, when the team starts sharing ideas, they have a synergy between them and can get things done. As a leader or a manager, you should always encourage new ideas. Listen to their ideas and suggestions, and encourage them to find ways to incorporate them into your practice. In your weekly or monthly reviews, you should also share critical information about business processes, so that the employees are well informed. This also makes them empowered, and if they are given the authority to implement changes, it acts as a great motivating factor, because they feel that their contributions are recognized. Communication is a two-way street, so keep the channel open and encourage new, innovative ideas. And once your team sees that their ideas have been incorporated, they are certainly going to feel appreciated.

Create a comfort

If you ask your employees have any ideas or suggestions that can make a great workplace or improve your patient experience...LISTEN! They are on the frontlines every day, working directly with your patients and can have an idea that can significantly improve your practice. Often saying ‘thank you’ is not enough; you have to show that you care and are ready to make changes to create a positive environment for the team and patients.

It is one thing to just say "Thank you," but another thing to actually mean it. Who knew something so simple, could be so powerful? So make sure your "Thank you" matters!


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