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Streamline and automate your hiring, training, and team management. Be a Dentist again, not an HR manager.

  • What if there was a shortcut that could save you over 40+ hours, countless headaches, and $20,000 of unproductive time with every new hire?

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    Would you like to make every new hire your best employee?

  • Get your entire team on the same page, working together and driving your business forward? 

Introducing StreamHQ

StreamHQ is a one-of-a-kind program that will jumpstart and automate your hiring, training and employee development program.


Using our platform gives you and your staff the ability to have one central communication platform for your HR discussions, instead of multiple places, where information can be lost in the shuffle.


Simplicity for employees means less confusion, better engagement and increased productivity.


We created our platform using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience and are working to continuously update it to exceed your expectations in HRIS.


Our platform offers multiple functionality from the ability to recruit and onboard, to being able to train your new (and existing) staff with a built in learning management system.

The Best Tool for Your Dental Practice

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Digital Employee Files

Step away from having paper employee files and finally go digital with our SECURE cloud-based platform!

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Stay Protected & Compliant

There’s an easier way to stay compliant and organized. Store all your crucial employee details, documentations, training and more!

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Build a Stronger Tribe

Get your team on the same page. Assign new memos, policies or new training to your team, embed quizzes and more! Once completed, it will automatically be saved and documented in their employee file.

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Time Management

Always know who’s on and who’s off. Keep track of vacation days, sick leave and more. Your team can request time off in one easy step!

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Automate Onboarding & Training

Set your new hire up for success! Assign them their new hire paperwork and videos to complete before their first day so they can hit the ground running.

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Utilize Your Systems

Store your training manuals, videos and systems in one centralized hub = STREAMLINE YOUR BUSINESS!


“I recommend Stream
Dental HR & StreamHQ to
any new Dental Startup."

Dr. Yoshita Patel

Viera Pediatric Dentistry

“StreamHQ has been a
god send to my practice. "

Dr. Glenn Vo

Denton Smiles DentistryCo-Founder Nifty Thrifty Dentists

“StreamHQ , for me, is
absolutely essential.”

Dr. Steven Schluentz

Mountain Sky Dental

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