Hiring Top Talent Can Make ALL the Difference!

One of the biggest struggles every business has is finding and keeping great employees! But it doesn’t have to be! Indiana Jones didn’t find the Holy Grail without using a map and neither should you.  Indiana Jones was prepared and knew where to go and we want to help get you prepared too.

The most important part before embarking on the hunt for your next employee of the month is to know the direction of where you want to take your office in the next 5 years. Figuring out your roadmap will help you see what type of qualities and skillset you need to look for now to help you get to where you want to be!

“Why is this important? Can’t I just hire for what I need now?”

Yes, yes you certainly can! However, this is more of a band-aid solution and can help fill your temporary needs. But what about in the next 6-12 month? What if you are adding new services or software to your office? Wouldn’t it be helpful and more efficient to hire someone who has experience with that so they can immediately add value to your practice? What if you are looking at increasing your case starts or treatment acceptance and can look at hiring a dedicated and experience treatment coordinator who can focus on that day in and day out? See how this goes hand in hand and why it is important to think of this now versus having to search for someone with these skill sets later. Or worse, you overstaff your clinic instead of finding one person who can handle all of these roles and responsibilities.

This step requires some serious forethought! Remembering your mission/vision statement helps to keep in mind what your practice short and long-term aspirations are. This can help you analyze and understand the traits and skills needed to help you reach your goals!

The only time you start thinking about your staffing needs is when you are filling a recent vacancy. We see it all the time, practices go into panic mode and settle for hiring the best candidate from the pile of candidates that apply! Big mistake!

Even before you have the need to hire someone, you should identify the traits, qualities, skills and cultural fit that you are looking for. Having this AHEAD of time actually helps you in the screening process. Write it down and create your checklist. Really think about the traits and skills you are looking for and divide them into: must have, nice to have and non-negotiable.

Bring this checklist into every interview and use this as your road map to ensure you do not forget the big picture! Your practice success is counting on it!

Do it right the FIRST time

Do you know what making a bad hire can cost your dental practice? 41% of surveyed employers who said a bad hire in the past year had cost them at least $25,000. OUCH- that’s a hard pill to swallow! Unless you enjoy throwing away money, you need to kick your bad hiring habits before it drives your business into the ground!

The one challenge that every dental business owner has in common is to find, hire and retain high-quality individuals, all the while running a practice and maintaining a high quality of patient care. And that’s no easy task! Stay tuned each week as we dive deeper into attracting top talent for your dental office; what to look for and how to find them!

Hiring new employees is an opportunity to re-evaluate your goals, streamline your systems and improve your practice. 

How Important is Cross Training your Team?

Is there really value in cross-training? Of course there is! People get sick, go on holidays and need time off for one reason or another. Maybe you can get by for a day or two, but it can impact your office and team’s performance, especially when the ONLY person who knows how to complete that task is the one missing! That is exactly why it is important to cross train your team, so productivity, efficiency & quality of patient care do not suffer. Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to cross train for better and effective management.

Relevance of Cross-Training

Simply put, cross training implies training the employees in a manner that they are able to handle each other’s responsibility in the absence of one another. This would allow the practice to operate smoothly even when one or more of their employees are on leave or have resigned from their jobs. Dental practices that have cross trained team members can add value in more ways than one:

A Well-Connected Team: One of the biggest advantages of cross training is that it allows the practice to train their staff appropriately and generate awareness around the working style and requirements of each team member. This allows the team to understand each other’s roles.

Improve Efficiency: Another benefit of cross training is that it improves their overall efficiency. When one employee trains another employee he/she is adding value to their own profile as well as enhancing the knowledge of the other employee too. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. This enables one employee to better analyze and understand their role and think of unique ideas or ways to train other employees. This allows dental practices to build trust within the organization, improve communication and encourage their employees to learn new and exciting skills.

Improving the Work Environment: With cross training, dental practices can improve the overall work culture and environment, thereby allowing employees to perform different tasks instead of engaging in the same thing on a daily basis. Rather than performing the same set of responsibilities every day, dental assistants and other professionals will get the unique opportunity to handle different job roles and portfolios and explore their true potential and capabilities.

Function Smoothly: Cross training enables dental practices to function in an uninterrupted and smooth manner. When an employee is sick or is no longer working for the practice, another person can jump in and ensure that the practice continues to running smoothly. Thus, it allows dental offices to cater to their patient’s needs and even if they are running short-handed.


We know cross training takes time and it is extra work, but the benefits are worth the time and effort.


Important Skills Every Dental Assistant Should Have

Important Skills Every Dental Assistant Should Have

The dental industry has its own set of challenges and rewards. In order to be successful in this profession, Dental Assistants must possess a great deal of knowledge and understanding regarding the latest dental technologies, treatment options, tools and software. Here are some of the important skills required to be a successful Dental Assistant and a valuable asset to your team!

The Role of Dental Assistants

As a Dental Assistant, you will be expected to work and offer complete assistance to the Dentist in his/her dental clinic. You will also be interacting directly with all the patients and ensuring they have a great experience and provide the best possible care.

Skills or Traits of a Dental Assistant

Whether a patient needs a bridge, a root canal, crowns or a simple check up, a Dentist needs help and assistance during each procedure. Apart from offering adequate amount of support during dental procedures, a Dental Assistant should posses the following skills or traits:

Patient Care: Remember, that most people are afraid of going to the Dentist. In fact, we are the most feared medical specialist! You are responsible for putting each patient at ease and ensuring that each experience is a pleasant one! Dental Assistants should display good qualities such as being kind, empathetic, cheerful and charismatic. We are there to offer reassurance, all while helping the Dentist in carrying out the procedures smoothly and efficiently.

Well prepared and organized

Well Prepared and Organized: A Dental Assistant should be well prepared and organized and learn to plan ahead instead of managing things at the last moment- no Dentist will appreciate this! You will have multiple tasks, responsibilities, patients & maybe multiple doctors... sometimes juggling all at the same time! It is also important to remember, that you are part of a team. Being well organized helps the clinic, Doctors & the team run smoothly and effectively. You have a big role to play and therefore it is important to be organized and have things ready in advance.

Professional Approach: Needless to say, a Dental Assistant must be professional in every aspect in the office. Things like coming to work on or before time, having a positive attitude and mindset and dressing appropriately are important to ensure that you are highly committed towards your profession and career.

Attentive: As a Dental Assistant, it is imperative that you are attentive and give importance to each and every detail right before, during and after the dental procedure. Thus, preparing the dental instruments, taking x-rays, assisting the Dentist & maintaining patient’s records are a couple of things that an assistant should be capable of handling effectively on a daily basis.

As a Dental Assistant, you have a lot of things to be responsible for and you will wear many hats every day. But all your hard work should give you a sense of fulfillment. You have a lot of great skills that you get to utilize each and every day. Remember- you are in the business of changing peoples lives just by improving their smile 🙂