Why Onboarding is Important For Your Dental Practice

22% of employee turnover happens within the first 45 days! Imagine starting back at square one again after investing so much time & energy hiring and training this new employee. Time you could be re-investing into growing your practice!

How can you avoid this from happening?

THINK ABOUT IT… Your new hire is about to start their FIRST day at your practice! They are feeling excited but nervous - they don’t know anyone or are familiar with your systems or preferences yet. Nevertheless, they are excited to start the first day of what could be many loyal years working in your practice. That is the way you need to view their first day as well; the beginning of a long-lasting working relationship.

This individual will be with you for 80% of their day! They will be taking care of YOUR patients and building YOUR practice. You want and NEED them to be successful because the reputation and success of your practice &team are dependent on it. Why not take the right steps and set EVERYONE up for success.

What does your employee’s first day often look like?

Talk about sink or swim!!! You can't throw your new hire into the deep end and expect them to turn into an Olympic swimmer by day two!

Proper onboarding & integration that includes an effective training process can make or break their success!

What should that look like in your dental practice?

Did you notice what all of these have in common? They serve as a great way to open the lines of communication between yourself and your new employee. You are telling them—"this is what your job entails, and I will be holding you to this BUT I am going to give you all of the tools you need to be successful at it!"

Isn’t this much better than the first experience? What type of environment would like to work in? Which one would you feel more at ease? Which practice do you think would make this new employee feel like this is their forever dental home? A practice they can grow with and with long term?

What does your employee onboarding look like? What is missing?

Looking for support? Let's schedule an HR strategy to set your new hire, existing team and your practice up for success!

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